[ANN] liblo version 0.28 released
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Stephen Sinclair
2014-01-27 18:00:32 UTC
We are pleased to present stable release 0.28 of LibLo, the
lightweight, easy to use implementation of the Open Sound Control

It can be downloaded from:


The project home page can be found at:


Open Sound Control (OSC) is a protocol for communication among
computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is
designed for use over modern network transports.

Changes since the 0.28rc release candidate include:

- Fixed build for Windows (MingW, MSVC) and Android platforms
- Fixed an implicit cast issue in C++ bindings for lo::ServerThread
- Documentation, small fixes
- Added a function to get library version information (lo_version)

Additionally, since the last release candidate included the following
improvements over version 0.27:

Important bug fixes:

- Fixed checking of vararg markers on 64-bit systems
- Fixed hang in TCP blocking test
- Several potential bugs prevented through static analysis

Additional changes:

- Add function lo_bundle_get_timestamp()
- Add C++11 wrapper, `lo_cpp.h', and test program
- Support for a few more build tools: clang/clang++, ccache

Enjoy, and please report any issues to the liblo mailing list.

thank you,

Steve Sinclair
(liblo maintainer)