[ANN] oscpack 1.1.0 released
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Ross Bencina
2013-04-09 02:35:18 UTC
Hello Everyone,

I'm happy to announce a new release of oscpack: 1.1.0.

Oscpack is simply a set of C++ classes for packing and unpacking OSC
packets. Oscpack also includes a minimal set of UDP networking classes
for Windows and POSIX. Get it here:


This release includes bug fixes, compatibility improvements and clean
ups. Most importantly, oscpack now provides full support for 64 bit
platforms. A few improvements have also been included: support for OSC
arrays, functions for setting broadcast and reuse socket options. This
update merges changes from the openFrameworks version of oscpack.

Most updates have been made since January this year. You should update.

A detailed list of changes is here:


If you've been using an older oscpack version on 64 bit systems please
consult the CHANGES file for details of breaking changes to a few
function signatures on 64 bit systems.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with this release (see the CHANGES
file for details). Thanks to Syneme at the University of Calgary for
providing financial support for this update.

Please let me know if you find any issues.



P.S. oscgroups has also been updated (news to come). Plus I'm starting
to work on IPv6 support.